Youth Program

The aim of Dance Fremont is to inspire a lifelong love of dance in each student in a nurturing atmosphere full of joy and creativity. Our dance instructors are experienced professionals who are innovative, motivational, and caring. We teach to every student, believing that high-quality dance training should be available to everyone, inclusive of all backgrounds, bodies and identities.
You can read more about our teaching philosophy here.

Our program starts at age three with Creative Dance classes that encourage joy and expression through dance while building foundational movement skills. These classes progress through age seven and transition into formal ballet and modern technique classes for students age eight and up, advancing to pre-professional training in classical ballet and modern for high school-age students.

Program Overview

PRIMARY PROGRAM (Ages 3-7) · The Primary Program consists of Creative Dance and Primary Dance classes that explore dance concepts in a fun and engaging way, stimulating children's spontaneity and self-expression in the beginning stages of basic ballet & modern dance technique with increasing levels of concentration, group work, and cognitive engagement.

PREPARATORY PROGRAM (Ages 7-10) · The Preparatory Program consists of Preparatory Dance, Ballet 1 A & B, and Modern 1, where students have the option to study two classes per week, continue to expand their dance vocabulary, and strengthen their awareness of movement through the techniques of ballet and modern dance. Students in this program may participate in The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Rite of Spring if they are able to meet the mandatory rehearsal requirements. If they feel ready, we highly encourage students to take part in performance opportunities.

PROFICIENCY PROGRAM (Ages 9-18) · Dancers advance into the Proficiency Program according to skill, not age. It begins with Ballet 2 & Modern 2. Students in level 2, 3, 4, and up are required to attend 2, 3, and 4+ technique classes per week respectively, striving to hone their dance skills. Students wishing to study en pointe must take at least three ballet classes per week. Students in the Proficiency Program have the opportunity to perform in The Steadfast Tin Soldier and The Rite of Spring, and additional performance opportunities that may occur.
Our aim is to provide our students with the skills and confidence to succeed in their next endeavor after leaving Dance Fremont. All students in the Proficiency Program reap the benefits of delving deeply into a subject, working towards excellence, and discovering just how much they are capable of achieving.

We hope you will visit us! We encourage new students and their parents to make an appointment to tour our facilities and get an orientation to our program at any time. Your child is also welcome to participate in a class prior to registering.

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