2018 Summer Open Program Intensive! August 13-17, 2018

Ages 15-Adult

9:30-10:30 Core Awareness and Conditioning, for Dance and for Life with Kitty Daniels

10:30-12:00 Ballet Technique with Paula Peters (M-W) and Lodi McClellan (Th-F)

12:05-1:05 Jazz with Paula Peters (M-W), Foot and Ankle Conditioning/Pointe with Karena Birk (Th-F)

This is a great opportunity to have fun, progress your dancing, and study with incredible faculty! Take just one class, or take all three!

Open class prices apply for each class.

Core Awareness and Conditioning, for Dance and for Life

Have you ever wondered if you are using your deep core muscles correctly? This class will clarify your understanding and awareness of core muscular support through gentle exercises that enhance your ability to maintain a neutral pelvis and spine in dance and daily life activities. In addition to increasing your strength and control, we will work on applying these tools to dance technical challenges.

Kitty Daniels, chair of the Cornish College Dance Department from 1986 to 2015, is an internationally recognized master teacher. She specializes in integrating and applying dance science and somatics principles to dance technique education, allowing for technique training that marries rigor with dancer wellness.


Classes are taught with an emphasis on learning. Imagery and anatomical information help the adult student to understand clear movement mechanics. Classes begin with a thorough barre and culminate in well-prepared, dynamic center floor work. 

Paula Peters is a Professor of Dance at SUNY Fredonia. Previously, she was a beloved ballet and jazz teacher at Dance Fremont, Cornish, the University of Washington, and elsewhere, and a talented dancer performing with Spectrum for many years and throughout the region.

Lodi McLellan is a longtime Professor of Dance at Cornish College, where her thoughtful and joyous approach to ballet technique has inspired generations of dancers.


Come discover how the history and present of jazz dance mix and match for explosive fun! Paula Peters’ class will focus on the shared principles of musicality, dynamics, and performance qualities of jazz dance of the 20th & 21st centuries. Don’t miss it!

Foot and Ankle Conditioning/Pointe

This class will focus on building sensitivity, agility, and strength through your feet and ankles, and on giving you tools you can take with you to continue to build your ability. It is suitable for all dancers, both those who dance en pointe and those who do not.

Karena Birk is the Director of Dance Fremont. One of her favorite things about pointe work is the artistic and technical possibilities opened up by having such strong and sensitive feet.