The Steadfast Tin Soldier: A Story Ballet

Dance Fremont’s The Steadfast Tin Soldier, A Story Ballet, is celebrating its 24th year!

This family-friendly show delights with its engaging and tender adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen tale. In this first ever virtual presentation, the talented young performers dance Vivian Little’s original choreography throughout the Pacific Northwest from their houses to the water’s edge and have creative fun with Zoom. Their performances are interwoven with rare archival footage of “Steadfast through the ages,” and in addition Ballet Austin dancers Ian Bethany and Grace Morton, also a Dance Fremont alumna, are featured as guest performers.

Verbal story narration and Signing in Exact English (S.E.E.) make the story easy to follow for even the youngest attendees.

Enjoyable for all ages, the 2020 virtual performance of The Steadfast Tin Soldier will stream over YouTube at 7pm PST on December 19th. If you miss the 7pm premiere, or would like to enjoy it again, it will be available for viewing until 11:59pm PST on Sunday, December 27th.

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We know that many families have lost work at this time. Simultaneously, we need our community’s financial support to continue our organization’s existence. This performance is available to all! If you are in a position to pay for your family’s tickets to support the hard work of the many Dance Fremont faculty and staff members who made this year’s event possible, the suggested donation is $20. You may also choose to donate any amount above or below that, or simply register for a free ticket.

The tin soldiers on parade.
The graceful swans.
The Cuckoo
The water rat, is angered when the tin soldier is swept along by the water dancers, and trespasses on the rat's territory!
The Sailor School children watch Andrew fishing.
The tin soldier and the paper ballerina.