The Mary and Vivian Scholarship Fund

The Mary and Vivian Scholarship Fund was established in 2016 to honor the long-time co-directors of Dance Fremont, Mary Reardon and Founder Vivian Little by offering assistance to and recognizing excellence in students in level 3 and above.

Due to the generous support of our community, we have expanded the Fund in the era of COVID-19 to offer support to anyone experiencing financial need. Click here to learn about many different ways you can support our students, or donate online here. The fund carries forward Mary and Vivian's legacy and passion for dance education, by helping Dance Fremont students pursue their dance studies.

To apply for funds, email Dance Fremont at

Thank you to these donors to the Mary and Vivian Scholarship Fund. Your generosity is helping students pursue their love of dance!

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Jamie Alagna
Kaoruko Ando, Peter Carskaddan, & Mariko Carskaddan
Tammie Baker, Farhad Vahdani, Roya Baker-Vahdani, and Frankie Krupa-Vahdani
Karena and Ian Birk
Mary Kay Bisignano-Vadino
Craig, Laura, & Lael Blackmore
Carol Borgmann
Mark Buening & Lori Kesl
Linda Bushnell
Holly, Brian, & Maddie Christenson
Betsy Cooper
Kitty Daniels
Patricia K. Emmons & Shmuel Elad
Cindi, David, and Sophia Esquinasi
Paige Etter
Dana Fong
Pat Fritz
Caroline Goodell
Cori Hagen
Megan Helmer
Ryan Hirst
Emily, Jason, & Anna Huff
Matthew, Wakako, & Hana Hurst
Louisa Iarocci, Brian McLaren, &
Yoko Ishii
Maureen Larson
Renee Lee
Erin, Kevin, & Adelaide Leff
Inga Manskopf, Matt McCoy, and Natalie McCoy
Patty Makatura
Lodi McClellan
Frances Ann McCue
Victoria McFall
Lucia McLaren
Liz Morrison, Rich MacDonald, and Evelyn Morrison
Kimberly Muczynski
Marywilde Nelson
Jason Ohlberg
Paula J. Peters
Ed Phippen & Helene Obradovich
Nicole, Greg, & Ava Price
Keith Sabado and Tom Geyer
Darian Smolar
Kimble Snyder
Terry Sparks and Nicki Rivera
Kimble Snyder
Parents of Lucie Steig
Yvette Sumner
Julia Torgelson & Family
Bruce, Cecilia, & Allie Tung
Kerry Van Veen
Korie Voorheis
Hannah Wiley
Deborah Wolf
The Wrightsman Family
Eleanor Yanick
Amy, Jun, and Amelie Young
Pam, Gerard, and Eléna Zytnicki