Proficiency Program

Student advance into the Proficiency Program according to skill, not age. It begins with Ballet 2 and Modern 2 where students are required to study a minimum of two or more technique classes per week depending on level, striving to hone their dance skills. Classes build through Level 6 in technical complexity, and nurture students' creative and expressive abilities. Advancement is by instructor recommendation— it's normal to spend more than one year in a level.
Students in the Proficiency Program have performance opportunities in The Steadfast Tin Soldier, Spring Repertory Workshop, and the Rite of Spring, and are also eligible for additional performance opportunities that may arise. In the past these have included local dance festivals, collaborations with musical groups, and community events.


Classical Ballet & Modern 2-6

Elements introduced in ballet include correct body alignment, initiation of movement from the core, turnout, balance, musicality and coordination. More emphasis is placed on building stamina, carriage and quality of movement by using longer and more complex dance combinations. In order to prepare a student for pointe work, at least three ballet technique classes per week are required.

Continuing the exploration of the modern dance concepts introduced in preparatory study, longer movement phrases are given along with improvisation and choreography skills. These classes develop from floor or barre sequences to dynamic movement phrases through space that expand the students' core strength, agility and the ability to move three dimensionally, taking the space with emotional and textural nuance.

For students in levels 4 through 6, the separate classes, Modern Partnering and Modern Technique (focused on Horton Technique, with other techniques highlighted through the year), offer the opportunity to study a focused technique more deeply while also building the partnering skills that are becoming increasingly important in the dance world.

Pointe Classes

Students wishing to study en pointe must take at least three ballet classes per week and have the recommendation of an instructor. The study of pointe is not a requirement for advancement through the levels or participation in performances. Students interested in starting pointe are encouraged to take Pre-Pointe to build their strength and skill to ensure a successful and safe start to their pointe work.

Dance Composition

Students in Levels 4, 5, and 6 may take Composition. Dance composition is an important skill that develops students' creativity, critical and artistic eye, and dance technique, and is a fun way to express oneself! The class will progress from short solo studies to a longer group work that will be featured in the Rite of Spring. Graduating seniors have the opportunity to create a senior piece for the Rite of Spring. Additional performance opportunities may be available for students in this class.

Class Schedules

Level 2

Level 2: Required minimum of two technique classes per week.


Thursdays 4:30-5:45 pm
Saturdays 12:15-1:45 pm (Combined with Ballet 3)


Thursdays 5:45-7:00 pm

Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6


Follows School Year Calendar: Classes begin September 11 2023 and end June 8 2024.
Placement class and The Steadfast Tin Soldier audition are Saturday September 9, 2023.


Payment for the class may be made as a one-time payment for the full school year, due by October 1st, or paid monthly. Tuition is based on each student's weekly class load. For our Tuition & Payment Policies, click here.

Class Load:

  • Students in Level 2 must take a minimum of 2 technique classes/week.
  • Students in Level 3 must take a minimum of 3 technique classes/week.
  • Students in Level 4, 5 and 6 must take a minimum of 4 technique classes/week.
2 $1,782 $198/mo
3 $2,484 $276/mo
4 $3,078 $342/mo
Unlimited Classes (5+ classes, including pointe)* $3,816 $424/mo

*Students paying tuition for the Unlimited Classes may take any class in their designated level or below in any of the Youth Program classes, including pointe and composition classes. Open Classes are considered a separate program and must be paid for with a class card.