Everyone Deserves to Dance!

This past year at Dance Fremont we had to be nimble and flexible – just like our students. Similar to every teaching arts organization, moving forward meant adaptation, and a lot of support from our community. We discovered that there’s no going back to what used to be. Dance Fremont is on a path to be an even better version of ourselves: A place that believes everyone deserves to dance – regardless of background, body, or identity.

It’s time for an update on where our renewed energy is taking us. We’re excited to share that Dance Fremont is healthy and strong – and continuing to nurture a love of dance in people of every age and in every kind of body. With our new Managing Director and a focused commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we’re ready to dance on:

Chris Montoya is now our Managing Director. Chris started with Dance Fremont as a teaching artist. As Managing Director, he will be working to expand our community engagement and helping lead new initiatives in racial equity and justice. Chris began dancing at the age of 10 and has a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Washington. He has performed around the world, and most recently was the Principal for The School of Spectrum Dance Theatre. You can learn more about Chris here.

Join us as we support racial equity and justice in the dance community. This year has taught us that we need to engage proactively if we’re going to change racial inequities and move toward justice – we can’t watch from the sidelines. That’s why one area of Chris’s focus will be exploring the ways our community engagement, policies, programming, and performances can break down barriers and provide more inclusive opportunities for people of color. We look forward to everyone in our community joining us in this effort.

Let’s make sure dance is truly for everyone. At Dance Fremont we’ve long believed you can love to dance regardless of body type, gender expression, background, or age. That’s why our instruction focuses on working within the individual body. We don’t require auditions, and our school uniform policy emphasizes comfort and flexibility over traditional expressions. Most importantly, through community generosity we’ve been able to offer scholarships that allow everyone to explore – and fall in love with – dance. 

Get involved in expanded programming. While Dance Fremont has been known for ballet and modern dance instruction for all ages, we’re planning to expand our programming to provide more opportunities for repertory choreography and the exploration of more diverse forms of dance, including techniques from a larger variety of cultures that are less Eurocentric. These programs will be taught alongside our current core strengths for students to find new ways to express themselves through dance and gain a fuller understanding of the art form.

Find out what post-Covid looks like. We can’t wait to see all our students – new and returning – in person. But safety will always be our primary concern. Our full schedule of online classes has given dancers a chance to stay limber, practice, learn, and brighten their days. Adult dancers are telling us that our pay-what-you-can drop-in classes helped them stay “sane” and connected to their love of dance. So, let’s keep dancing, and when we’re all vaccinated, we’ll see you in the studio! 

Please contact us if you have any questions about what Dance Fremont is up to these days, or if you would like to help support our racial equity and justice initiatives. 

Racial Equity and Justice Resources