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Our Story

Come Dance

Dance Fremont is a community dance school for youth and adults, providing quality education in ballet and modern dance. The studio was founded in 1996 with the aim of inspiring a lifelong love of dance in each student. Our dance instructors are experienced professionals who are innovative, motivational, and caring. We believe that every student can enjoy the spirit and soul of dance, and every student deserves the respect of being given quality dance training, regardless of body type.

Our dance studio has a family atmosphere full of joy and creativity; it is a place for children and adults to grow and learn in dance. Along the way, Dance Fremont is devoted to making them feel part of something very unique and special. Please join us for your own remarkable dance journey!

Directors Emeritae

After more than 18 years as owners/co-directors, Vivian Little and Mary Reardon stepped down from their positions at the end of the 2014-15 school year. To the great joy of the Dance Fremont community, they continue to bring their immense talent and expertise to the studio as part of the faculty. Dance Fremont will continue to foster the traditions and core values that Vivian and Mary established over the years, through their remarkable investment of time and love.

Dance Fremont's instructors are caring, experienced, and dedicated.
Performance opportunities include The Steadfast Tin Soldier.
Discovering the joy of dance in Preparatory I.