Our Story

Come Dance

Dance Fremont, founded in 1996, is a community dance school for youth and adults, providing quality education in ballet and modern dance.

The mission of Dance Fremont is to inspire a lifelong love of dance in each student in a nurturing atmosphere full of joy and creativity. We do this through ballet, modern dance, and choreographic composition classes taught by instructors who are innovative, motivational, and caring. We teach to every student, believing that high quality dance training should be available to everyone, inclusive of all backgrounds, bodies and identities.

Further, we seek to expand access to dance instruction, performance, and resources to the wider Puget Sound community, which we do through scholarship programs, accessible public performances, subsidized rehearsal space, and community partnerships. We also seek to expand our students’ experience of and connection to the wider dance world, which we do through collaborations with guest choreographers and guest teaching artists who work in a wide range of dance styles.

At the heart of our teaching philosophy is the belief that students do best when they are given the tools to be in charge of their technical progress and creative voice.

To this end we teach dance with an emphasis on anatomical education and alignment so that each student can understand what is best for their individual body. We promote peer-to-peer support, encouragement, and thoughtful observation & feedback to create a safe space for learning and growth, and to enable the deeper learning that arises from collaborative, student-led exploration, rather than from copying or doing by rote. We help students develop their creative and artistic sense of self through improvisational movement games, choreographic composition, exploration of character and style in technique class, and public performance opportunities.

Directors Emeritae

After more than 18 years as owners/co-directors, Vivian Little and Mary Reardon stepped down from their positions at the end of the 2014-15 school year. To the great joy of the Dance Fremont community, they continue to bring their immense talent and expertise to the studio as guest teachers. Dance Fremont will continue to foster the traditions and core values that Vivian and Mary established over the years, through their remarkable investment of time and love.

Dance Fremont's instructors are caring, experienced, and dedicated.
Performance opportunities include The Steadfast Tin Soldier.
Discovering the joy of dance in Preparatory I.