Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions about Dance Fremont. If you need the answer to something that does not appear here, please feel free to contact us.

Yes! You may arrange a rental anytime the studio is not in use for Dance Fremont classes or rehearsals. At least 1 week’s advance notice is preferred.

Our large studio offers a professional dance studio space for rehearsals, private lessons, and group classes/workshops. The floor is sprung wood with marley flooring, with 1600 sq. feet of danceable floor space. Stiletto/spiky heels and shoes worn outside are not permitted on the dance floor. Rates vary between $25-$40/hr and may require the renter to provide proof of liability insurance depending on the type of rental. For rental inquiries, please email info@dancefremont.com with the date, time, and purpose of your rental.

Studio Attributes:

  • One ballet barre mounted to one wall.
  • 7 portable barres.
  • 7’ tall wall-to-wall mirror.
  • High-quality sound system which plays CDs and has auxiliary cord input.
  • Large carpeted risers at the side of the room for rehearsal guests/audience.
  • High windows providing natural light and a side studio door opening to the outdoors for fresh air!
  • Smaller second studio available as an add-on to the main rental.

Tuition is due before the start of each quarter. Please note that you are responsible for remembering to pay tuition on time. You can find our quarterly tuition due dates and our payment policies here.

You can find a full list of our holiday closures and breaks here.

Students in our Primary or Preparatory program classes may print out and send in a registration form (or fill one out at the studio), or register online here. Our Proficiency program classes require a placement class. Please contact Dance Fremont to make an appointment.

Yes. You can pay tuition and registration fees online through your account. You may also mail in registration forms and payments by check, and we are happy to process credit card payments in person.

We accept payment by check, cash, or credit card, as well as through our new online system. Please note that a processing fee is added to all payments made via credit card. You can find class rates and payment policies here.

Yes. You can find our requirements here.

There are a number of dance boutiques in the Seattle area. The following stock required Dance Fremont attire:

  • Centerstage Dance Shop: 5261 University Way NE (206.527.4697)
  • Dancewear Center of Kirkland: 8425 122nd Ave NE, Kirkland (425.827.6343)

Yes, there are male students training at Dance Fremont—and we always welcome more!

Students paying tuition for the Unlimited Classes may take any class in their designated level or below in any of the Youth Program classes. Open Classes are considered a separate program and must be paid for with a class card.

Students in Creative & Preparatory I classes are introduced to the experience of dancing in front of an audience in our quarterly Parent Watch Weeks, when parents are invited to observe their children’s dance class in the studio.

Students in Preparatory II and up may perform in Dance Fremont’s winter production, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, and in the end-of-year performance, Rite of Spring.

Students in Level VI may audition for Fremont Danceworks, Dance Fremont’s contemporary dance performing company, which has an Annual Spring Concert, and sometimes has other performing opportunities.

As performances draw near, you can find ticket information on each performance’s respective page.

We host a special matinee school performance of The Steadfast Tin Soldier every winter. Please contact Dance Fremont for more information and to reserve your seats.

Steadfast Tin Soldier is a delightful performance opportunity and a treasured experience for generations of Dance Fremont students—and we highly encourage students to participate. However, dancers and their families should consider the time commitment carefully ahead of time. Most rehearsals are on Saturday afternoons, with a couple Sunday rehearsals. Students in Level V & VI may also have some Thursday evening rehearsals. There is also a performance fee to help cover upkeep, maintenance, and construction of new costumes. There is a mandatory meeting for all parents/guardians who have not previously had a child take part in the production. Auditions, required parent meetings, and rehearsals are posted here each year.

Fremont Danceworks was created for serious students who make dance their primary focus. The company is a means for young dancers who want to gain performing experience and find their way into the professional dance community. Established and emerging choreographers create works for the company, challenging the dancers to learn new movement and, each year, the company performs a spring dance concert.

The Full-day Intermediate Workshop and the Advanced Contemporary Dance Intensive both have training and technique prerequisites. Visit their respective pages for full details.

No. Our summer programs are available to both to current students and students who are not currently enrolled at Dance Fremont.

Yes. Home stays with Dance Fremont families are available for a limited amount of out-of-town students. Cost for room, board and transportation to and from Dance Fremont is $350 for one week, $600 for two weeks, $750 for three weeks. Subject to availability.

No. Students must bring their own snacks and lunch. Breaks will be provided to eat and refresh, however students are not allowed off the Dance Fremont premises during the day.

The study of pointe is not a requirement for advancement through the levels or participation in the performing company.

Students wishing to study en pointe must take at least three ballet classes per week, have the recommendation of an instructor, and be assessed independently by the faculty to determine if the student is a candidate for pointe study. Physiologic development, anatomic facility, strength of technique, hypermobility of the feet and ankles, length and frequency of study, attendance habits, maturity and past injury are all taken into consideration.

Pointe work is the end result of slow and gradual training of the whole body and pointe readiness is contingent upon many factors, including age, technical level, and skeletal structure. Students in Ballet III may be considered candidates for preparatory pointe work.

Students often begin pointe work at around 12 years of age.

We host an Open House & Dance Attire Sale at the beginning of each school year. We also encourage new students and their parents to contact us at any time to make an appointment to take a tour of our facilities and get an orientation to our program.

Dance Fremont offers dance classes to children ages 3 and up. Our classes for children ages 3 through 7 progressively build their dance skill and knowledge, and introduce ballet and modern dance vocabulary in age-appropriate ways. Students age 8 and up are ready for the extra rigor and structure of formal ballet and modern technique classes.

The time commitment starts at 60 minutes per week for students in Creative Dance and increases to 11–15 hours per week for high school students who choose to participate in elective classes and the Fremont Danceworks Company, in addition to their ballet technique classes. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the time commitments:

  • Creative Dance /Pre-Primary/Primary, ages 4 – 7: 1 day/hour per week
  • Level I, ages 8–11: 1 – 2 classes per week; 1 hour classes
  • Level II, ages 9–12: 2 – 3 classes per week; 1.25 hour classes
  • Level III, ages 11–14: 3+ classes per week; 1.5 hour classes
  • Level IV-VI*, ages 12–18: 4+ classes per week; 1.5 hour classes

*With the addition of Modern and Dance Composition classes, and performance participation, the commitment for Level 6 students could increase to 6 days per week (15 hours).

  • For the Primary Program classes (Creative I, II, & Preparatory I), students are welcome to join a class at any time, space allowing. Placement is determined by age.
  • For Preparatory II & Ballet Level IA, students may join at any time before the third quarter, space allowing and in consultation with the director.
  • For Ballet Levels IB through VI, students must have previous training and will be assessed by the director for placement in the appropriate level. Placement is determined by ability, not by age or level at a previous ballet school. Students who have been placed en pointe in another program will be assessed for consideration to study pointe work, as well as for placement in the appropriate level at Dance Fremont.