Dance Fremont! FAQ

Do I have to audition?

For the Primary Program classes (Creative I, II, & Preparatory I), students are welcome to join a class at any time, space allowing. Placement is determined by age.

For Preparatory II & Ballet Level 1A, students may join at any time before the third quarter, space allowing and in consultation with the director.

For Ballet Levels 1B through 6, students must have previous training and will be assessed by the director for placement in the appropriate level. Placement is determined by ability, not by age or level at a previous ballet school. Students who have been placed en pointe in another program will be assessed for consideration to study pointe work, as well as for placement in the appropriate level at Dance Fremont.

How do I register?

For Creative Dance through Ballet 1A, you may send in a registration form, or come by and fill one out in person. Ballet 1B and up require a placement class. Please contact info@dancefremont.com or 206.633.0812 to make an appointment.

Can I register/pay online?

At this point we have not found it cost-effective to implement online registration or payment. You may mail in registration forms and payments by check, and we can process credit card payments in person.

At what age do students perform in The Steadfast Tin Soldier or The Rite of Spring?

Dancers may perform in The Steadfast Tin Soldier & The Rite of Spring when they are enrolled in Ballet at the Preparatory II level and above. Students must maintain excellent attendance for both classes and rehearsals and be able to actively listen and work as part of a group. Parents of performers support the rehearsal schedule by ensuring performers attend all rehearsals and also support the performance process through volunteer activities.

What is the time commitment for this training?

The time commitment starts at 60 minutes per week for students in Creative Dance and increases to 11–15 hours per week for high school students who choose to participate in elective classes and the Fremont Danceworks Company, in addition to their ballet technique classes. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the time commitments:

  • Creative Dance /Pre-Primary/Primary, ages 4 – 7: 1 day/hour per week
  • Level 1, ages 8–11: 1 – 2 classes per week; 1 hour classes
  • Level 2, ages 9–12: 2 – 3 classes per week; 1.25 hour classes
  • Level 3, ages 11–14: 3+ classes per week; 1.5 hour classes
  • Level 4 – 6, ages 12–18: 4+ classes per week; 1.5 hour classes

Please note: With the addition of Modern and Dance Composition classes, and performance participation, the commitment for Level 6 students could increase to 6 days per week (15 hours).

Are there any male students?

Yes, there are male students training at Dance Fremont, and we always welcome more!

What age is a good age to start ballet?

Dance Fremont offers dance classes to children ages 3 and up. Our classes for children ages 3 through 7 progressively build their dance skill and knowledge, and introduce ballet and modern dance vocabulary in age-appropriate ways. Students age 8 and up are ready for the extra rigor and structure of formal ballet and modern technique classes.

When do you start pointe work?

Pointe work is the end result of slow and gradual training of the whole body and pointe readiness is contingent upon many factors, including age, technical level, and skeletal structure. Students in Ballet 3 may be considered candidates for preparatory pointe work.

However, the faculty assesses each student independently to determine if the student is a candidate for pointe study. Physiologic development, anatomic facility, strength of technique, hypermobility of the feet and ankles, length and frequency of study, attendance habits, maturity and past injury are all taken into consideration. Students often begin pointe work at around 12 years of age. Please note: The study of pointe is not a requirement for advancement through the levels or participation in the performing company.

How many performance opportunities are offered?

Students in Creative & Preparatory I classes are introduced to the experience of dancing in front of an audience in our quarterly Parent Watch Weeks, when parents are invited to observe their children’s dance class in the studio.

Students in Preparatory II and up may perform in Dance Fremont’s winter production, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, and in the end-of-year performance, Rite of Spring.

Students in level 6 may audition for Fremont Danceworks, Dance Fremont’s contemporary dance performing company, which has an annual concert in the spring, and sometimes has other performing opportunities.

What is your attendance policy?

Dance Fremont is designed for the serious dance student. The acquisition of skill, endurance and the understanding of dance vocabulary cannot be achieved without consistent attendance.

Advancement in the program and Company participation and opportunities are affected by attendance. We do take daily attendance and hold students accountable for their ability to progress and succeed in the program. In the event of illness, family emergency or extenuating circumstances, we ask that parents call the office and notify us of a student’s absence. Make-up classes during the quarter are encouraged.

Do you have a dress code?

Yes. See the dress requirements here.

Recommendations for purchasing apparel?

There are a number of dance boutiques in the Seattle area. The following stock required Dance Fremont attire:

Centerstage Dance Shop: 5261 University Way NE (206.527.4697)
Dancewear Center of Kirkland: 8425 122nd Ave NE, Kirkland (425.827.6343)

Do you have an open house?

There is an open house/dance attire sale at the beginning of the school year. We encourage new students and their parents to make an appointment to take a tour of our facilities and get an orientation to our program at any time.  Please contact info@dancefremont.com or 206.633.0812.

Do you have observation days?

We invite families to observe classes during the last week of the each quarter, except for the final quarter, when the Rite of Spring takes the place of an observation week. Exception: Creative Dance and Preparatory I students’ families may observe the last class of the final quarter, since they do not perform in the Rite of Spring.

Is there a summer program?

Dance Fremont offers a variety of summer classes and camps for children and adults! Details here.

What is your inclement weather closure policy?

Dance Fremont closes if the Seattle Public Schools close, or if otherwise necessary. We will post any closure on the website and on Dance Fremont’s Facebook page, and will send out a notice via email. In the case of cancellation, we encourage students to take a make up class. If there are any questions about suitable classes, please contact info@dancefremont.com