What is the required time commitment for students?

The time commitment starts at 60 minutes per week for students in Creative Dance and increases to 11–15 hours per week for high school students who choose to participate in elective classes and the Fremont Danceworks Company, in addition to their ballet technique classes. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the time commitments:

  • Creative Dance /Pre-Primary/Primary, ages 4 – 7: 1 day/hour per week
  • Level I, ages 8–11: 1 – 2 classes per week; 1 hour classes
  • Level II, ages 9–12: 2 – 3 classes per week; 1.25 hour classes
  • Level III, ages 11–14: 3+ classes per week; 1.5 hour classes
  • Level IV-VI*, ages 12–18: 4+ classes per week; 1.5 hour classes

*With the addition of Modern and Dance Composition classes, and performance participation, the commitment for Level 6 students could increase to 6 days per week (15 hours).