Is your studio available to rent?

Yes! You may arrange a rental anytime the studio is not in use for Dance Fremont classes or rehearsals. At least 1 week’s advance notice is preferred.

Our large studio offers a professional dance studio space for rehearsals, private lessons, and group classes/workshops. The floor is sprung wood with marley flooring, with 1600 sq. feet of danceable floor space. Stiletto/spiky heels and shoes worn outside are not permitted on the dance floor. Rates vary between $25-$40/hr and may require the renter to provide proof of liability insurance depending on the type of rental. For rental inquiries, please email with the date, time, and purpose of your rental.

Studio Attributes:

  • One ballet barre mounted to one wall.
  • 7 portable barres.
  • 7’ tall wall-to-wall mirror.
  • High-quality sound system which plays CDs and has auxiliary cord input.
  • Large carpeted risers at the side of the room for rehearsal guests/audience.
  • High windows providing natural light and a side studio door opening to the outdoors for fresh air!
  • Smaller second studio available as an add-on to the main rental.