COVID-19 Updates


Update Monday, March 6, 2023

As of today, masks are now recommended, not required at Dance Fremont. We have decided to make this change as COVID levels have remained low locally for a while, and flu numbers have plummeted in recent weeks. We have also talked with other dance studios about what has or hasn't worked for them in keeping their communities healthy. We still recommend masks, especially if you are not current on your COVID or flu booster shots.

There are some situations in which masks will still be required:

  • If you are experiencing any respiratory or other illness symptoms (even if you're testing negative, or are pretty sure it's just allergies!) -- if you have had a known close exposure to COVID
  • If the teacher requires it. This means that the teacher or someone in the class is experiencing a reason to be extra cautious, such as having an immunocompromised family member staying with them. Please feel free to let us know if you have circumstances that would make a mask-required class the appropriate option for you or your dancer.

If conditions should change, we may require masks again for a period of time. Regardless, we will continue to have masks at the front desk for anyone who would like one. Thank you again for being such a considerate community - you have been so conscientious about keeping each other safe, and we appreciate it!