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2nd floor
Seattle, WA 98103


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P.O. Box 30535
Seattle, WA 98113

Office Hours

Our office is typically staffed during class times. See our hours on Google Maps.


    I have been dancing my whole life, including 30 years of ballet and a few years of teaching. When my daughter wanted to start ballet, I was very particular about her training. Dance Fremont was the only studio in the area that offers solid, professional quality training that protects young bodies from injury, fosters a strong, positive body image, and teaches the joy of dancing.

    Dance Fremont Parent

    Dance Fremont not only provided me with rigorous pre-professional training in ballet and modern dance, but provided me with a community and safe space to grow and take risks. I credit both the woman I’ve become, as well as the artist and technician, to growing up in this incredibly powerful place for dancers.

    Former Dance Fremont Student

    My daughter is so excited for her dance class each week!

    Dance Fremont Parent

    What I learned at Dance Fremont about my own abilities; the friendships I made, and the love of dance I gained, will be with me for the rest of my life.

    Former Dance Fremont Student

    Dance Fremont is like a second home.

    Dance Fremont Student

    The adult open class teachers are wonderful and really care about teaching us.

    Dance Fremont Adult Student