Dance Fremont Attendance Policies

In order for dancers to maintain appropriate progress through the levels, and sufficient physical conditioning to dance safely, Dance Fremont has the following attendance policies:

  • If they miss a class, dancers in all levels of our studio are expected to make up the class in the level equivalent to or below their own. Make-ups should occur within two weeks of the missed class, ideally as close to the missed class as possible.
  • When a dancer knows in advance that they will be absent, they or their family should email with the date and reason for their absence, as well as the date they plan to make up the class.
  • When a dancer is sick and decides the day of that they will not be attending, they or their family should email the studio with their scheduled make-up date as soon as they decide they cannot attend, so that we can pass that information on to the teacher.
  • When a dancer is injured or under-the-weather but not contagious, they should come to watch class and, in levels 2 and higher, complete our observation worksheet. Participating in this activity allows dancers to build their skills in critique, accurate technical observation, and teaching, as well as reflect on their own progress. This is an important part of every dancer's education, and all students will have the chance to do so several times throughout the course of their time at Dance Fremont.