Come Dance!

Dance Fremont! is a community dance school for youth and adults, providing quality education in ballet and modern dance.

The aim of Dance Fremont! is to inspire a life-long love of dance in each student. Our dance instructors are experienced professionals who are innovative, motivational, and caring. We believe that every student can enjoy the spirit and soul of dance, and every student deserves the respect of being given quality dance training, regardless of body type. The dance studio has a family atmosphere full of joy and creativity. Dance Fremont! is a place for children and adults to grow and learn in dance; along the way they will feel part of something very unique and special. Please join us for a remarkable journey.

Youth Program

Our program starts with Creative Dance and Preparatory Dance classes for students ages 3 through 7 that encourage joy and expression through dance, while building foundational movement skills. These classes transition into formal ballet and modern technique classes for students age 8 and up, progressing to pre-professional training in classical ballet and modern for high school-age students.

The ballet and modern classes follow a comprehensive curriculum and teach precise technical skills while developing with individual artistic expression. Classes promote anatomical understanding so that each dancer can achieve their best in a safe and healthy manner.

Students age 7 and up have the opportunity to perform in our winter production, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, and our end-of-year production, Rite of Spring. Dancers in the advanced level who are ready to make a more extensive time commitment may audition for Fremont Danceworks!, a contemporary dance company for teens.

We hope that you will visit us. Your child is welcome to watch or participate in a class prior to registering; please contact us for visitation reservations. If you have any questions at all regarding our curriculum or philosophy, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone or e-mail.

Adult Program

Dance Fremont! offers Intermediate/Advanced ballet classes on an open (drop-in) basis, as well as sequential courses in Beginning Ballet. Classes emphasize learning, using imagery and anatomical information help the adult student to understand clear movement mechanics. Classes begin with a thorough warm-up and culminate in well-prepared, dynamic center floor work. Open classes also focus on correct placement with an emphasis on style and musicality.

Beginning courses require registration; please contact us for further information. To participate in open classes, one must be 15 years of age or have permission from the director. You may drop in or purchase multiple class cards for all open classes. Please feel free to contact us (information on Contact Us page) if you have questions about the appropriate level of instruction. For further information, please click on the School Year Schedule link above. A minimum of four students must be present to run a class.


The directors Emeritae

After more than eighteen years as owners/co-directors, Vivian Little and Mary Reardon stepped down from these responsibilities at the end of the 2014-15 school year. To the great joy of the Dance Fremont! community, they continue to bring their immense talent and expertise to Dance Fremont! as part of the faculty. Their investment of time and love into Dance Fremont! through the years is truly remarkable, and Dance Fremont! will continue to foster the traditions and core values that they established.


Mary Reardon and Vivian Little