Rite of Spring: Annual Student Recital

The Rite of Spring is a celebration of all our students′ accomplishments in the classroom. Students may participate in the performance with regular class and dress rehearsal attendance.  A student may opt not to perform in the performance but still participate in class and the preparation process.

Rehearsal & Performance Dates

Dress Rehearsal* June 9, 2017 TBD
Dress Rehearsal* June 10, 2017 TBD
Rite of Spring Performance June 10, 2017 2:30 p.m.

*Dress rehearsals are mandatory!

Costumes & Participation Fee

Dance Fremont! loans costumes to each performer that must be returned after the performance. However, students will be responsible for their tights, leotards and shoes. A performance fee of $___ is required from each participant and all tuition payments must be paid prior to distribution of costumes.

Youth Rite of Spring performer
Rite of Spring performer
Annual Rite of Spring performance