About Our Youth Program

Ages 3-18 years

Read here about our phased plan for conducting classes during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our program starts with Creative Dance and Preparatory Dance classes for students ages 18 months through seven years that encourage joy and expression through dance, while building foundational movement skills. These classes transition into formal ballet and modern technique classes for students age eight and up, progressing to pre-professional training in classical ballet and modern for high school-age students.


The aim of Dance Fremont is to inspire a lifelong love of dance in each student in a family atmosphere full of joy and creativity. Our dance instructors are experienced professionals who are innovative, motivational, and caring. We believe that every student can enjoy the spirit and soul of dance, and every student deserves the respect of being given quality dance training, regardless of body type.

Program Overview


We hope that you will visit us! We encourage new students and their parents to make an appointment to tour our facilities and get an orientation to our program at any time.  Your child is also welcome to participate in a class prior to registering. Please contact us to schedule your visit.

For Questions & Further Information

For questions regarding our curriculum or philosophy, please visit our FAQ or contact us.

Creative Dance provides a chance for creativity to flower.
Preparatory 1 introduces new challenges.
Lifelong friendships are formed in dance class.
Preparatory II introduces more formal and rigorous structure.
A budding performer.
Students in Preparatory II and above can perform in Steadfast Tin Soldier.
Advanced students at the barre in Ballet class.
Training in modern dance expands students' capabilities.
Years of training on display at the end-of-year Rite of Spring performance.